*Department Scholarships may be applied for beginning January 1 and must be in Department Headquarters no later than April 1 of each year.*

*National Scholarships may be applied for beginning January 1, must be submitted to a local Unit for signature approval and then be in Department Headquarters by no later than March 15 of each year.  No National Scholarships will be reviewed without proper signatures from local Unit.* 

***Important: Please follow all guidelines clearly written on Scholarships!  We do not have scholarships for Community Colleges. 

***Those awarded Dept Scholarship are eligible for renewal up to four years but must reapply by the deadline or forfeit remaining years.  Complete questions 1-10 on Dept Application and return by the deadline.  No exceptions as scholarships are awarded yearly and without reapplication, scholarship will be given to another student.  You may not be awarded a Scholarship from both the Auxiliary and The Legion.  If offered both, you must select which you choose to receive.  You may only have one Dept of Alabama Legion Family Scholarship.

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